Who We Are

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Gateway Regional Council, Corp. (GRC) is a non-profit 501(c)3, previously known as Power of ONE, a consulting firm that started in 2013.  As of April 2020, GRC received the 501(c)3 status to serve a broader community.

Our mission is to establish collaborations that support leaders and organizations who are championing causes that will be the change and assist by injecting the human and/or financial capital needed. Our hope is that by joining their efforts we build stronger teams, make deeper impact, garner sustainability and establish foundations that center on equity through the use of best practices. We believe that anything is possible and we hope you will join us in making that a reality!

Who we serve

GRC is a national organization that provides services to rural and urban African American communities and other vulnerable communities.

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Specifically, GRC works within 12 critical areas that impact the communities we serve.

These include:

 Public Health  |   Social Justice  |   Housing  |  Environment & Agriculture  |  Politics  |  Leadership |  Community Development  |  Economics  |  Education   

Youth  |  Arts & Humanity  Research & Innovation